Monday, 21 March 2011

Top Ten Tibia Hunting Spots.

Ok, so occasionally when I'm bored I like to play an online MMORPG called Tibia. It can be pretty boring sometimes but exciting at others.Anway, I thought I'd write a list on my top ten favourite places to hunt. So here it is.

1. Ankrahmun Tombs. The first two floors are good Xp when you're around level 15 to 25 and there's plenty of different creatures to keep it interesting and the bottom two levels through the transporter are good for higher level players. You can make really awesome XP per hour down there as well. The only downside is that it can be a waste of money if you don't loot anything decent.

2. Darashia Dragons. The first level is full of dragons, and its good xp for anyone from level 40 to 50, if you get it to yourself. The second and third floors are full of dragon lords and they can get pretty intense, but its a pretty good place to gain a lot of xp and it keeps your hunting experience interesting. Take a lot of supplies if you plan to hunt the dragon lords.

3. Undeads Southwest of Kazordoon. A lot of the time this cave is packed with botters and noobs, so it can get pretty irritating, but it's a pretty good place to hunt up to level 60 or so and you can make good xp per hour on the lower levels.

4. Edron Hero Cave. This cave has a bit of everything, from demon skeletons to heros, warlocks, demons and grim reapers and lots of other cool creatures. It has some nice areas if you're in the 40 to 60 level range and some harder creatures for the high levels. There's plenty of creatures to keep you alert and wide awake. All in all its pretty fun place to hunt if you don't end up dead.

5. Nomad Cave. This cave is north west of Ankrahmun desert and you need to pass a quest to gain access to it. The xp isn't that great, but it's usually empty and its not a bad place to hunt from level 20-30. After that the xp is just too crap to bother with it really. But if you're having trouble finding a free spawn at a lower level check it out.

6. Cyclopolis. This hunting area is in Edron and has a bunch of different creatures to hunt like Minotaur mages, dwarf guards, elf acarnists, orc berserkers, alot of cylops, some fire elementals and a lot of other creatures, there's also a few dragons on the lower levels and  behemoths at the bottom if your level is high enough.

7. Amazon Camp. This hunting area is north of Venore and it's a pretty nice spot when you're a lower level, it's pretty decent xp up to level 40ish if you can get it alone. Most of the creatures there are pretty easy to kill, the only problems are it's normally full of pkers and noobs, so it can be annoying at times. But if you're looking for somewhere to level at a lower level take a look.

8. Banuta. This is the ape city, northeast of Port Hope, just keep going north east and you'll eventually find it. This place is great xp but you can waste a lot of supplies here. But still if you collect the small stones and gold and creature products you should come out of it ok. I'd suggest level 40 or above unless you're good. It can get pretty intense when the respawn is fast. Try to avoid getting cornered.

9. Tarantula Cave. This cave is south of Port Hope, across the river. It's a pretty good spot to hunt from level 35 to 50 or so, the xp can be pretty nice if you have the caves to yourself. The best part about hunting here is that you'll never go broke hunting here as long as you collect the tarantula eggs and do the hide task for grizzly adams.

10. Dwarf Mines in Kazordoon. The dwarf mines are good because there's something there for people to hunt at low levels and higher levels. You have normal dwarfs, which are good for noobs, then you have dwarf soldiers which are good when you're skills a little higher, then you have dwarf guards and geomancers which are good xp even at higher levels. The only problems is that they're usually packed with people and pkers hang around them looking for easy targets.

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  1. im am lvl 79, and i still hunt at undeads southwest of kazz, because there are less players than before, and i average 45-53k experience per hour. Its not bad for a free account :D